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D&R Decks specializes in any size and type of deck you would like to have built. We will work with you from the very beginning until the end when the deck is finished and you have become one of our satisfied customers! We'll walk you through the process and ensure that you make every decision along the way! 


Wood Decks

Many people find a wood deck to be more appealing to the eye - as it gives a more natural feel and look to your home. Wood decks give you the option to stain it whichever color you'd like including changing the color in the future! Another pro to using wood decking for your build is that the cost is usually less than composite decking. Using the treated wood allows for it to be more weather resistant as well! 


Composite Decks

Many people also find a composite deck to be the way to go. Composite decking are more age resistant and don't have to be re-treated like a wood deck. They are also low maintenance, which to many is one of the largest pros. Most composite decking is made of recycled materials - which is a great added bonus! Another pro that some like bring up as well is the visual appeal that a composite deck brings to some. Meaning that with composite decks they don't chip or fade compared to wood decking. 

Whichever style of deck you would like built, we'll be more than happy to help create your dream! Both styles have pros and cons to different people. We'll help you choose which is best for your lifestyle and the style of build you'd like to have! We can't wait to help you build your deck and add this great feature to your home! 

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